Bob McComas:

What a great Kimball High School 50th Reunion!

Our reunion is now over, and unfortunately, we’re back to reality. But what a wonderful weekend and great reunion for all who attended! For a few hours on Friday and Saturday nights, we were able to go back in time and revisit our years at Kimball, and before.

Fifty years later, we still remember: the great parties; the boys and girls we thought we loved; the friendships we lived for; and the music and cars we enjoyed while cruising Kiest Park, Dairy Queen, Austin’s BBQ, Sivils Drive-In, and many others.

We re-kindled some old friendships, and made some new ones that hopefully will last forever.

We relish those times and the memories that still linger today. We were seniors at one of the best times in history. I think we were the best class ever to graduate from Kimball.

There was never a better time before or since then to be a Kimball Knight, and to be part of Kimball’s legacy. It was indeed a golden era for all of us and we survived! I think Mr. Durrett would be proud of us!

At class reunions we always feel younger than everyone else looks. And that’s one of the great things about reunions! They make us feel young and energized again! We may have added a few wrinkles and a few pounds over the last 50 years, but our desire to be a part of the best class of Kimball has never waned. We are forever the Kimball Knights of 1966!

Our committee, I feel, put together the best reunion we have ever had. Every reunion builds from the last one and having provided some leadership for the last three reunions has definitely been a pleasure for me to accomplish.

I applaud my fellow committee members who tirelessly devoted their time and attention to make sure we would always “Seek the Best” for everyone.

We hope all of you had the best time at the reunion. Please stay in contact with classmates and keep the memories alive. Until we meet again, all the best to you, and thank you for sharing a weekend with some old friends!

From Friday night to Saturday morning’s tour to Saturday night’s buffet dinner, and photo booth, here are many photos for you to enjoy. To view all photos CLICK HERE.

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